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The Features of PDF Editor For Windows and Mac OS X Systems

The first thing you need to know about a Mac vs. a Linux OS when deciding between them based computer system is that Macs run the enormously popular Photoshop, one of the most popular applications in the world. Linux systems do not have Photoshop. So, when considering which editor would be best to use in this situation, Linux would be the obvious answer. But just how much can Photoshop benefit from using a Linux editor?

Photoshop is widely used by both amateurs and professionals for photo retouching and editing. It is one of the few software packages that is available on both PCs and Mac OS X that allow users to create and modify digital documents. These kinds of digital documents include photographs, illustrations and text. Many businesses and individuals need to manage large amounts of data in a hurry, with documents being the life blood of such tasks as article writing, business proposals and so on. A Mac OS X could certainly speed up the job of a human copy editor or simply automate the process but the reality is that a person can no longer do everything manually in this day and age. So, to take advantage of the capabilities of Photoshop – whether one is using a Linux based computer system or a Mac – one needs to use a good solid editing software package that supports a wide variety of image manipulation techniques.

Linux vs. Windows Editors

The biggest drawback between the Linux and Windows editors is that they are not built-in. Photoshop, unlike most other standard desktop publishing software applications, has to be downloaded and installed on the user’s PC. From there, the editor – specifically the Photoshop version – has to be “activated” and plugged into the appropriate output device. There is no built-in way to interact with the document preparation server, so a great deal of customization and personalization is required. Even Adobe has made significant improvements to their own software over the last several years, so much so that many people feel that there is little difference between the Windows version and the latest Mac OS X.

Kile PDF viewer

The Kile PDF viewer package manager allows the user to download, install and activate any of the many popular PDF viewing programs such as Open Office. The only difference between the Kile package manager and the Adobe application is the fact that it is built into Kile. The Kile package manager requires that the user has a Mac compatible PC that has the latest version of Mac OS X (version 10.4). While there are versions of the PDF viewer that work well on PCs that have versions of Mac OS X earlier than OS X 10.4, most of the functionality and features of the Kile viewer will only be present if the system is running the latest version of Mac OS X. In other words, if you have an older system, you will probably be unable to view PDF files that are created in the current version of Mac OS X.


The latex editor for Windows is very similar to the one available for Macs. It does not have the built-in WYSIWYG tool, but the program that does have it is superior when compared to others on the market. Kravea has an easier interface than many others for working with PDF files, and its user interface is more likely to make the user feel like they actually do something useful with the application. The program for Macs is also comparable but lacks the WYSIWYG tool.

Texaco PDF Viewer

Another great thing about the PDF editor for both Macs and Windows OS X is that its features include several premium add-ons that are sold separately. These are not required by the PDF file, but they make the package even better. These include the late add-on, which makes renaming PDFs a snap; the Microsoft cover sheet designer, which provide many different looks for the Microsoft logo; and the Microsoft advanced feature pack, which allow users to create PDFs that are easily read on cell phones, smart phones, and laptops. The writer also includes a package manager that makes it easy to update all the different parts of the software without having to locate the different add-ons separately. This is extremely convenient, especially considering how extensive the features are. The Texaco PDF Viewer for Mac os X also has a number of unique features that make it stand out among competitors.

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